Scavenger hunt ideas for your party.


Children’s parties can be a challenge to put together, but with a few hours of effort, you can set up a scavenger hunt for kids that will keep them amused.  All it takes is a few scavenger hunt ideas, some  scavenger hunt riddles and clues!

What is a scavenger hunt for kids?

A scavenger hunt for kids is a great fun party activity. You write scavenger hunt clues and hide them around the house. Each scavenger hunt riddle leads to the next, until the grand prize is found. Once all of the scavenger hunt clues have been found, the game is over.

What themes should I use for my scavenger hunt for kids?

You can use lots of different scavenger hunt ideas.

How about writing your scavenger hunt riddles in pirate speak? Like this:

“Oooh arr me hearty, I hope you’re enjoying this scavenger hunt party. The scavenger hunt clues are really great, and you might find some pieces of eight! Shiver me timbers and walk the plank, your next clue is next to the hot water tank!”

Or you could have a nursery rhyme theme for your scavenger hunt riddles:

“Hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle, the cow jumped over the moon, but even he couldn’t solve these scavenger hunt riddles, so he ran away with the spoon!”

Start by writing down your scavenger hunt ideas and building from there. By combining these scavenger hunt riddles with your own scavenger hunt ideas, your scavenger hunt for kids will be fantastic!

How do I write scavenger hunt riddles?

Scavenger hunt riddles don’t have to be difficult. When you’re writing your scavenger hunt clues, think about where you’re going to hide the item, and then write a short rhyme that points to the location. Your scavenger hunt riddle might read:

“This scavenger hunt clue might look really tough, but look around where Mom keeps her perfume and stuff” – this scavenger hunt riddle should lead to Mom’s dressing table.  Using your own scavenger hunt ideas to write fun scavenger hunt riddles can make your scavenger hunt for kids great fun.

When can I use a scavenger hunt for kids?

We like to use scavenger hunt clues at Easter, laying out a trail of scavenger hunt riddles as written by the Easter Bunny.

You could also try leaving a trail of scavenger hunt clues at Christmas, or wherever a scavenger hunt for kids would really go down well. These are just some of our scavenger hunt ideas.

What’s the key to a successful scavenger hunt for kids?

The key to a successful scavenger hunt for kids is to make sure that the scavenger hunt clues are not too difficult, and not too easy. Remember that your scavenger hunt clues should fit in with your scavenger hunt ideas for your party’s theme. For example, if your party has a princess theme, your scavenger hunt clues might relate to castles or dragons.

Your action plan:
1) Start by writing down your scavenger hunt ideas.
2) Once you have decided which of your scavenger hunt ideas you’re going to use, start jotting down some ideas for your scavenger hunt clues.
3) Cut out some cards, write down your clues and scavenger hunt riddles, hide them around the house and you’re all set!

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