Superhero treasure hunt

A very much appreciated themed treasure hunt is a Superhero treasure hunt. It´s a perfect treasure hunt for any birthday party boys and girls. Everyone wants to be a superhero as a kid don´t you say?. A birthday party with the theme superhero will be a great success and will be remembered for ever. You can with some effort make your own treasure hunt or you can buy one with a good story, a plot and a nice end to the superhero treasure hunt.

This Superhero Adventure is the perfect activity for any young superhero. Help!
The Gangster in the Green Mask has planted a bomb in South City! Mighty Morrie
needs you to defeat the villain and get the code to disarm the bomb. An entertaining treasure hunt with exciting puzzles to solve and challenges to complete – all in a really
imaginative setting! You get everything you need to organise a fantastic
superhero birthday party in under half an hour!

Treasure Hunt: Superhero



Detective adventur: Scavenger hunt for birthdayparties

Looking for a good game for a birthday party? Why not a Detective theme and scavenger hunt?

The prankster Shifty McSly is sneaking around Little Newbury and mysterious
things are happening. Shockingly, six precious, rare books have disappeared
from the library! The town’s clumsy detective, Fergus Finn, has taken on the
challenge of finding the books but librarian Linda Landon knows he’ll need assistance
and asks for help to solve the case. She has even promised a reward for finding
the missing books!

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The detective game

Treasure hunt experts

We design Treasure Hunts for all occasions anywhere.
The special structure of the treasure hunts makes it possible to use in almost any settings.
Indoor, outdoor, in a Park or in an apartment.

Treasure Hunts are a great way of getting folks together and having fun with a purpose.
They are brilliant for creating memorable events and the same principles can be used
within learning & development programmes and for the more light-hearted moments
during conferences and corporate events.

Editors within our organisation developed several Treasure Hunts that will suit most requirements and occasions whether they’re purely for fun or for team development.
Each Treasure Hunt is non location-independent and contains clues that can be selected from the list of clues and used by the organizer in order to make it suit the location that the treasure hunt is taking place at.

Teams compete against each other to complete the tasks using ingenuity and imagination.

Our aim is to provide fun-to-follow Treasure Hunts with memorable outcomes whether it is a birthday party or other special occasions. Read more about the treasure hunt experts at



Treasure Hunt for Kids Outdoors

It’s easy to organise a really fun and exciting treasure hunt for the kids –
outdoors! Perfect for parties or a great activity for the younger guests at a gathering.

Treasure Hunt for Kids Outdoors

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